University of Michigan Medical School Alumni

Current Students

The Michigan Medicine Alumni Society is honored to support you throughout your journey at the University of Michigan Medical School.

From the moment you arrive on campus until the time you graduate and take the next steps in your careers, we are thrilled to share advice, resources, personal experiences, and any other support that can help you succeed academically and professionally.

To participate in any of the following programs, please contact Amy Chappuis on our alumni relations team at We look forward to connecting with you!

HOST Program
Each year medical students preparing for the next stage of their training travel the country for exciting — and sometimes stressful — residency interviews. We have an amazing group of alumni that are willing to host you in their homes for a night or two while you are in town.

Career Chats
Our alumni are eager to host groups of students for dinner or other gatherings to discuss career goals, life after medical school, and other opportunities. It's a great way for students to learn about medical specialties and make valuable connections.

These conversations can provide perspective and answers to questions students might not otherwise have the chance to ask. To suggest a topic, please email

Michigan Welcomes
Prior to beginning your residency, we will connect you with alumni who are excited to welcome you to your new city. They might offer to show you around town, grab dinner, or exchange phone calls and emails.

Order Your White Coat
The moment you put on your white coat, you become a part of the legacy of thousands of U-M alumni whose commitment and contributions to medicine have expanded the boundaries of knowledge and improved countless lives. M1 students can order their white coat here.

Connect with an Alum
If you would like to learn more about a medical specialty, seek advice about a residency, talk about career opportunities, or discuss other topics, contact our alumni relations team. They can put you in touch with an alum who can offer input in your area of interest.

Student Organizations
The U-M campus is home to more than 75 medical student groups. Ranging from socially and academically focused, to service and identity oriented, these groups round out your medical student experience. Learn more about student groups and how to join.

If you are already part of a student group and interested in working with the alumni relations team to assist in your group’s fundraising needs, please reach out to